Nithya is a Bangalore based watercolor artist who has years of experience in nurturing young minds in art.

Her journey as an artist started with painting simple landscapes and later moved onto abstracts in mediums like acrylic, oil and soft pastels. But her new found love for Watercolor has made her explore a new dimension in art.
She says, ” Every painting is a chest of treasures to me. It’s a mix of emotions, planning, fondness and most of all, days of hardwork that goes into each painting. And it’s incredibly rewarding to see your artwork connect with other people”.

Today her paintings adorn walls in people’s homes, schools, hospitals and public forums all around the world.

Her participation in many solo and group shows since 2009, in places including Bangalore, Singapore, Dubai and Manhattan, New York, has gained her recognition in the art field. Her mission is to create, inspire and teach Art.