Nithya is a Bangalore based abstract artist who blends cubism with neo-expressionism. As a little kid, Nithya always wanted to be an artist but pursued graduation in science. Yet the urge to dive into colors did not die in her. Her science drawings were very realistic and colorful. People appreciated for the little variation she did to make it appear extra-ordinary. The passion to follow her dream did not stop there. She earned a diploma from London Art College, UK and did a certification program from Chitrkalaparishat, Banagalore. She also has a ten plus years of experience in nurturing young minds in art.

Her journey as an artist started with painting landscapes and slowly moved on to abstraction. Her use of strong colors, simplicity in figures, and the cubist forms, play a symphony in creating masterpieces. She says, “It’s incredibly rewarding to see your creations connect with other people”. Today her paintings adorn walls in people’s homes, public places, hospitals and school all around the world.

She also says, “Every painting is a chest of treasure to me. It’s a mix of surprise, emotion, planning and most of all, hours and sometimes days of hard work”. Her works of art can be found in many medium like oil, acrylic, pencils, watercolor and soft pastels.

Her participation in multiple solo and group shows since 2009 in places including Bangalore, Singapore, Dubai and Manhattan, New York has gained her recognition in the field. Her mission is to create, teach and sell Art.