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Painting has been my passion since childhood and now I am a professional, full- time artist and specializes in abstract, geometric and texture art. My art work includes compositions in the medium of oil, acrylic and mixed media.

Passionate about spreading creativity and inspiration, I also conducts hobby art classes for children.

"Each painting carries a story and is a chest of happiness and memories"


Texture brings in more life and helps in creating a distinctive detail that evolve into creating a story. I create layers and layers of texture and also allow the flow of paints to take a form that evolve to speak stories in my paintings.


My inspiration: Most of my ideas are inspired from the Nature, emotions and spirtuality. I am noted for my excellence in creating a sequence of images, that when put together, make a visual celebration to the eye and mind.


My Intention: I believe in Postive thinking, Happiness and the right attitude. Through my paintings i would love to spread Happiness, Love and lovely Memories.

I belive that each individual is unique and original. Everyone loves a work of art that they can proudly state as being original and one of a kind, just like them. Keeping in mind this,I do not like to reproduce, repeat or print any of my paintings.


My work is all around the world adorning my "Happy Customer's family" walls.They have been appreciated, adorned and are increasingly getting popular for several years now.



2010: solo exhibition at embassy house.

2011: group show "Agni" , Palace grounds.

2012: group show, Singapore.

2014: group show, Kerala.

2016: group show, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.

2017:SOLO show at ARTEXPO New York 2017,  Manhattan.


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