nfts arts

What are international standards in artwork {painting}?

  • Gallery wrapped stretched canvas.
  • Good high quality, long lasting paints.
  • Protection of the painting from dust, uv-rays and moisture.
  • Certificate of authenticity of the painting is required so that it affirms the genuinity of the work.
  • Registration of the art work {painting} with an authentic registry is more important so that the painting stands as a very good investment in the future.

Above are some of the international practices followed in the recent times.

But buying a genuine piece of artwork is not an easy task. Modern day’s media have evolved to help buyers make their task easier to a great extent. One can get into the internet and browse thru their heart’s content for finding a very good artwork. To fix a correct affordable price, the artwork has to be genuine and there are registration firms to affirm the genuinity of the work. Hence if a buyer is able to correctly reach to a genuine artwork, then the price paid would talk for itself.

First of all, a buyer has to consider whether buying the art as an investment or buying art mostly for one’s own enjoyment, or a combination of both.

When buyer is looking for art for their personal enjoyment, attention to art magazines or a note of things others have hung on their walls or an art sale that attract the buyer, should be considered as the first and foremost idea. If the art is for a specific space in the house, then attention has to be on how the art work influences the mood of that room.

When a buyer is looking at buying art as an investment, first a look at the artist’s talent , his/her fame in the field of art, where their work have gone places, and how much has their work increased in value, have to be considered. Needless to say, the artwork has to meet global standards as much as possible.

But finally, one has to decide, whether the artwork selected is a piece that stands out with Interesting techniques or subjects that make the piece particularly important. Above all one should decide on a particular artwork by not just mere knowledge or information alone, but with the instinct of getting attracted to the work.

Then, there lies the true happiness and the pride of owning a genuine piece of artwork.

Tips on decorating your room with those valuable possessions:

  • The character and the personality of your room plays a vital role in determining what painting would go with it.
  • Painting that is vibrant in color, or just the neutral ones.
  • Works those are formal or casual.
  • Styles those are ethnic, traditional or modern.

The artwork that has been short listed must blend in and compliment the wall in which it is hung and add life to the room in which it is displayed. Consider the size of the wall when you decide on what painting to hang. Smaller pictures work best on narrow walls, while larger works would be more appropriate on big spaces. There are different unique ideas available in the market. A choice of number of smaller paintings together would make a difference than the usual one single piece concept. On the whole the artwork should bring in life and energy to the space on which it is hung. Modern day textured paintings also can make a good choice of interest. Choose a piece of art that gives you a personal sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Lastly, a small investment on lighting would add more prominence to the detailing of the work and the work shows off best in good light.